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Electrosport® is a concentrated fluid replacement that is especially beneficial after a strenuous workout, any physically taxing activity, and whenever there is profuse perspiration. An integration of electrolytes, Electrosport® is designed to replenish a body with minerals and water.

Features & Benefits:

• Rehydrates and gives the body a cellular boost.

• Contains 10 important minerals, including selenium.

• Does not contain sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, all commonly found in retail brand

Owner Expertise & State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

All Sunrider® products are researched, developed, formulated, and manufactured with owner expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing. This ensures that our products are superior in quality, concentration, effectiveness, and safety.


• Sunrider founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen has a degree in pharmacy and is a world-renowned herbalist. His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, is a gifted medical doctor. They lead a team of scientists and oversee the vast, complex production of Sunrider® products.


• Sunrider has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its high-tech research and manufacturing facilities, spanning approximately two million square feet. Our trade-secret manufacturing process extracts and concentrates the beneficial essences from many pounds of raw herbs to create a nutrient-rich final product. Sunrider manufacturing facilities are safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly



Market Appeal

• Healthy alternative to retail brands of so-called “sports drinks” that contain empty calories from sugar.

• Gives the body a rebalancing boost without causing jitteriness, a common side effect of retail brands of “energy drinks” that contain caffeine and/or guarana.

• Cost-effective as each 15 mL (.5 fl. oz.) bottle mixes with two quarts of water or any beverage of your choic

Size: Ten 15 mL (.5 fl. oz.) Mini Pack Bottles

Superior Formulation

• Made in Sunrider’s state-of-the-art Los Angeles Manufacturing Plants.
• Formulated with concentrated herbal extracts.
• Contains polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and tea catechins.
• Unique formulation based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®.

Recommended Use

Add one 15 mL (.5 fl. oz.) bottle of Electrosport® to two liters (two quarts) of Fortune Delight® , water, or other beverage and enjoy throughout the day