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Fruit & Vegetable Rinse




Ever notice that waxy residue on the fruit (especially the apples!) and vegetables you buy at the supermarket? Do you wonder how much dirt and grime you ingest along with the produce you eat? Well, here’s some good news: Sunrider has the natural, safe “solution” to wash away your worries. For peace of mind and cleaner, brighter, better-tasting produce, use Many Sunrider employees from our corporate office enjoy the benefits of using this great product. Read what they have to say below, along with detailed product info.

Product Information

SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse cleans dirt, waxy coatings, oily substances, and other undesirable residues from all your fresh produce. It’s gentle enough to use on delicate broccoli heads, field greens, and even herbs—yet strong enough to remove sticky glazes.


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits Thoroughly cleans produce in just a few minutes. Perfect for product demonstrations. Available in two convenient sizes: one for home, one for travel. Great to use on “organic” fruits and vegetables, too. Highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Brightens colorful fruits and vegetables.


Proprietary Formula

The primary cleansing agent in SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse is naturally derived Decyl Polyglucose. This biodegradable surfactant is produced from cornstarch and coconut oil, and does not contain harmful residues


• Sunrider founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen has a degree in pharmacy and is a world-renowned herbalist. His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, is a gifted medical doctor. They lead a team of scientists and oversee the vast, complex production of Sunrider® products.


• Sunrider has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its high-tech research and manufacturing facilities, spanning 2 million square feet. Our trade-secret manufacturing process extracts and concentrates the beneficial essences from many pounds of raw herbs to create a nutrient-rich final product. Sunrider manufacturing facilities are safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly