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The Superstar Herb



An abundance of data has recently come out from various sources about the powerful herb Lycii Fruit. Earlier this year, at the Beijing Nutrition Research Institute, they conducted a detailed chemical analysis and nutritional composition of the dried Lycii Fruit, also called Wolfberry. What they discovered was astonishing:

The Lycii Fruit contained:

• over 18 amino acids (6 times higher in proportion than bee pollen)

• 21 trace minerals

• more beta carotene than carrots

• 500 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges

• an abundance of Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E

The study showed that the Lycii Fruit:

• protects liver function • improves eyesight • lowers blood pressure and cholesterol • strengthens joints and bones • assists in utilization of body fat • promotes immunity • acts as a powerful antioxidan


The Lycii Fruit was proven to have remarkable results with many immune diseases, including chronic fatigue. The blood of older people was brought back to a younger state. The study of the Lycii Fruit is documented and has registered numbers.

— Excerpts of a report from Dr. Gary Young

In The Herb Bible, Dr. Earl Mindell states, “Chinese physicians use Lycii Fruit as a treatment for high blood pressure, kidney disease, and some forms of cancer.” Many reputable herbalists are now talking about the many beneficial properties of Lycii Fruit.

It is nice to know that Dr. Chen has included Lycii Fruit in many of Sunrider’s formulas for many years!

Lycii Fruit is the #1 herb in SunRise

Lycii Fruit is a main herb in Liqui-Five

Lycii Fruit is abundant in the Sunbar