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Herbal Foods




The universe consists of five elements to achieve the natural rule of yin and yang. Likewise, our bodies need to intake these five elements to attain a yin and yang balance. The diagram below depicts each element which corresponds with a color and also represents a system in the human body.





In order for our bodies to reach a 5-system harmony for optimal health we need to consume natural foods with a balance between each of the colors. Just as the five elements keep the universe in harmony, the body's organs must have a balanced intake of foods with each of these properties in order to maintain harmony (and your health). By intaking the five different colored foods everyday, we are able to nourish our body and maintain a balance relieved of sickness. But given the modern diet, it is sometimes difficult to maintain this balance through natural whole foods. Sunrider® offers products made of high quality concentrated natural whole food herbs which share the same color properties as is shown below.




We take each of these products on a daily basis as We know that their ingredients are made of whole herbs of the best quality intended to achieve harmony in the body. The table below indicates the major natural ingredients found in each product.




The ingredients found in Prime Again® come together to nourish the body to a peak level of energy, stamina, and alertness. The formula is famous throughout history for enhancing longevity and virility by addressing the body's multiple glands (endocrine system). The ingredients in Assimilaid® give nutritional support to the body's digestive processes and have been historically used for indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, and abdominal pain. Conco™ is a Chinese formulation of nourishing foods to enhance the body's natural ability to resist and overcome illness and was historically used to protect against the common cold and the flu, and relieve congestion and fevers. The unique formulation found in Lifestream® nourishes the circulatory and blood regulatory systems and was historically used to regulate blood pressure and to cleanse the blood. Lastly, the herbal combination in Alpha 20C® is a Chinese regenerative food formula historically used to build the immune system.

"The only product not listed in the table, but found in the center of the five element diagram is Quinary®. This is one of Sunrider's unique products which possesses properties which address the body's systems collectively as well as individually. It is able to feed all five systems and our bodies naturally draw from those properties to nourish each system and achieve balance."