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Easy. Effective. Environmentally safe. Itʼs the only way to clean.




SunBright® Household SuperClean™ is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used in every room of your home. Made with natural ingredients, use it to safely clean floors, countertops, dishes, grills, carpets, and much more. Itʼs the natural solution to household cleaning.

Features & Benefits

• Super multi-tasking cleaner

• Phosphate-free, biodegradable, environment-friendly

• Concentrated formula allows adjustment for specific needs

• Pleasant natural fragrance

• Powerful grease-cutting action

• Available in two sizes to fit your need



The highly concentrated formula gets the job done using only a small amount. About a teaspoon will wash a load of dishes. Mix with water for the following tasks


• Cleaning glass, wood, vinyl, tile, appliances,

and much more

• Mopping floors

• Shampooing small areas of carpet

• Car washing

• Spot remov

Owner Expertise & State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

All Sunrider®

products are researched, developed, formulated,

and manufactured with owner expertise and state-of-the-art

manufacturing. This ensures that our products are superior in

quality, concentration, effectiveness, and safety.


• Sunrider founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen has a degree in pharmacy and is a world-renowned herbalist. His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, is a gifted medical doctor. They lead a team of scientists and oversee the vast, complex production of Sunrider® products.


• Sunrider has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its high-tech research and manufacturing facilities, spanning 2 million square feet. Our trade-secret manufacturing process extracts and concentrates the beneficial essences from many pounds of raw herbs to create a nutrient-rich final product. Sunrider manufacturing facilities are safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly

Marketing Breakthrough

Sunrider is an early innovator in the manufacturing and marketing of products that contain stevia, an herb indigenous to South America, and has helped popularize its use in many countries. In 1995, Sunrider successfully petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift the import alert on the extract of stevia leaves, thereby clearing the way for Sunrider to use stevia as a dietary supplement in the United States