In an interview with renowned TV and film makeup artist to many Hollywood celebrities, Norma Hill- Patton, we find out what goes on behind the scenes and how she makes the stars beautiful On the big screen. She has worked on major feature films such as "Out of Africa," "Double Jeopardy", "Insomnia" and "Catwoman." Some of the artists she has worked with include Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Ryan Phillippe,Ellen Barkin and Hilary Swank.Hill-Patton is Halle Berry's personal make-up artist and is currently working on "Two for the Money", where she will be doing the make-up for Al Pacino and Rene Russo. As the head of the make-up department, she always tries to use Kandesn®. Norma has been in the film and TV industry for 38 years.

Knowing the value of natural makeup and skincare, she uses Kandesn on-screen and at home whenever she gets the chance. She reveals more behind the scenes in this inside interview.


Q: What are your favorite films you've worked on?


A: I have many favorites, for many different reasons, from both TV and film. But they are (in no particular order) I, Claudius, The Cleopatras, Out of Africa, Cool Runnings, Catwoman, Twilight, New Moon, A-Team.

Q: What were some challenges working on New Moon?

A: My main challenge was to keep the skin looking like skin (even with lots of makeup) and not just look like a good makeup job. Also the maintenance of it was huge. After all, the skin is the largest cleansing organ of the body and as such, is constantly trying to cleanse itself of any foreign body i.e. makeup!

Q: What are your favorite Kandesn products?

A: OMG! I love ALL the Kandesn products! But if I really had to choose, it's Oi-Lin ReplenishGel, Oi-Lin Warm Facial Scrub, Oi-Lin Hand and Body Lotion. I love the feel, the smell and most of all the effect. I have seen the most amazing results both on my own skin and that of everyone that I have introduced it to.

Q: Have you used Kandesn in films you've worked on?

A: I use most of the Kandesn products on ALL my films. I LOVE it! And of course I get fabulous results with the actors' skin. She says, "Sometimes, however, the stars insist on using brand names that have publicity and they are familiar with. Often I am able to influence their choice into trying the best - which I believe is Kandesn®."I also insist on the trailer being cleaned with Superclean Household and Sunsmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse. When I start a movie, I stock up on as many Sunrider products as possible, including the shaving products, dental products etc.

Q: You mentioned that you love Calli tea, are there any other Sunrider products you also enjoy?

A: One of the most important of my kit is my thermos filled with Calli. It goes EVERYWHERE with me. I also could not survive the grueling hours that we work without my Vitashake (also known as Vitadelight) or Nuplus shake. I make the drink with Quinary, Alpha20C, Evergreen and Electrosport. I also take that with various other foods. In fact our entire household is a Sunrider home. We use just about every product.

Q: You have a successful career, how does Kandesn or Sunrider complement it?

A: The actors I work with have many stresses put on their skin- from smoke to fake snow, spending days/ weeks in all elements of weather, long working hours and special effects makeup and emotional stress from being on camera. The Kandesn line is fantastic for keeping their skinsmooth and youthful- a must in the film industry! This applies equally to the men.

Q: What trends do you see in makeup?

A: I think the trends are moving toward smoother and more healthy, youthful looking skin with fresh natural makeup. Recently, Canada Elle featured Hill-Patton in its July 2004 issue and she named Kandesn® Moisturizing Lip Colors in Raspberry and Toffee as her favorite lipsticks.

We asked Hill-Patton how she shares Kandesn® in her professional business. The Kandesn range was particularly interesting to me as I have always been concerned with the toxicity of many of the other brands of skin care and cosmetics out there. Plus, I have long been looking for a business opportunity that would not only give me a substantial amount of money (which I can earn in my chosen career), but would also give me the valuable TIME, that I don't have right now. I promote and do my business with ALL of the Sunrider® products because I love them all. My focus seem to be on Kandesn® because I use the products in my work.

Beauty starts within, so I try to encourage everyone to at least go on the "basic program' to begin with. This is especially important for me, as my actors' faces are my "Canvas". As a professional make-up artist, you are exposed to a huge selection of skin care and cosmetics.

Q: Why did you choose Kandesn®? How does Kandesn® differ from other skin care and cosmetics?

A: I do, of course, have available to me nearly every possible brand of cosmetics and skin care on the market (and many that aren't). I am so thankful to have discovered Kandesn® as I am now totally confident in the purity of the product. Also, the make-up looks amazing on the skin, both to the eye and on the screen - and I don't know of another product that REJUVENATES the skin at the same time!

Q: What are people looking for in their skin care and cosmetics needs?

A: Most people are looking for products that look great and are good value. That's why Sunrider's "concentration" is so wonderful. We really get value for our money. I don't think that most people realize just how toxic many other products are, and so it's our job to educate them.

Q: How do you share Kandesn® with other people?

A: When I introduce Kandesn®, it is usually by using it on people. However, I believe that we are a "product of the product." I am often asked what I am wearing, both on my face, and which perfume. By the way, I love to wear Forbidden™ For Men, which I share with my husband. The quality, concentration and effectiveness of the products make Kandesn® easy to share.

Q: How do you see your business growing?

A: My goal is to travel around internationally presenting Kandesn® and teaching people how to Do their own make-up properly. This would give them more confidence,knowing that they really look good. My professional experience has taught me that men also benefit from knowing how to disguise the odd flaw or blemish. A million thanks to Norma for sharing her experiences with us. We look forward to seeing Kandesn on the big screen again soon! To purchase the Kandesn products or to find out more about these fabulous Beauty products mentioned in this article, please call 1-603-930-3884.











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