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VitaShake® makes a delicious, nutritious shake, fortifi ed with high-fi ber soy protein and loaded with essential nutrients. Its powder form mixes easily with water, and the packs are handy when youʼre on the go. This whole food concentrate makes a healthful snack or meal replacement that everyone can enjoy

Nutritional Featuress:

• Whole food concentrate

• Enhanced with vitamins and minerals

• Made from soy protein (similar to superconcentrated tofu)

• Contains a probiotic soluble-fi ber carbohydrate

• Formulated with Coix Fruit, a powerful antioxidant

• Contains whole fi ber

• Exclusive formulation maximizes nutrient absorption

• Contains no chemically processed or animal-based protein

• Low in sodium

• Contains no ephedra or artifi cial sweetener

Owner Expertise & State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

All Sunrider® products are researched, developed, formulated,

and manufactured with owner expertise and state-of-the-art

manufacturing. This ensures that our products are superior in

quality, concentration, effectiveness, and safety


• Sunrider founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen has a degree in pharmacy

and is a world-renowned herbalist. His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen,

is a gifted medical doctor. They lead a team of scientists and

oversee the vast, complex production of Sunrider®



• Sunrider has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its

high-tech research and manufacturing facilities, spanning 2

million square feet. Our trade-secret manufacturing process

extracts and concentrates the benefi cial essences from many

pounds of raw herbs to create a nutrient-rich fi nal product.

Sunrider manufacturing facilities are safe, ethical, and

environmentally friendly

Market Appeal

• Handy meal replacement

• Powerful protein source

• Two delicious fl avors: cocoa and strawberry

• Great for fi lling in nutritional gaps

• Convenient for active people

• A healthy alternative to weight-loss products

• Easy to swallow and digest

• Mixes easily with water

Flavors: Cocoa and Strawberry.
Size: Each box contains Ten 25-gram pack

Recommended Use

Mix a pack with 6 to 8 ounces of water in a Sunrider®

Shaker Bottle. Drink as is, or add crushed ice